• Sporting Shooting and the Law - 2017 Edition

Sporting Shooting and the Law booklet covers Shooting Laws in the UK - Latest Edition


The NGO has moved rapidly to update its respected publication Sporting Shooting and the Law in light of amendments to the Firearms Acts made by Parliament.  Written by David Frost and now in its 12th Edition, our publication is the only book which includes the latest legal changes.  It is endorsed by the National Police Chiefs' Council and has a forward by the National Police Lead for Firearms and Explosives Licensing. Knowing the Law on guns and shooting is essential to your ability to possess firearms.


David Frost, author of the book and lifetime expert on the subject says "There are three dozen separate pieces of legislation that affect ownership and use of guns and as a shooter, you need to know them all.  The book summarises every one of them in easy language and a coherent way."

Since the last edition, three years previously, the law has changed on lending guns, the definitions of component parts and Section 1 ammunition (both relevant to the rules on gun security and transport), antique firearms, air guns in Scotland and the renewal certificates. The new book includes guidance on what to do about the flawed medical procedures introduced and now affect all certificate grants and renewals.  It gives advice on what to do if you receive an unannounced security inspection and it has comprehensive information on age limits in relation to gun ownership and use.

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Sporting Shooting and the Law - 2017 Edition

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